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10m & 15m Clearspan Aluminium Frame Marquee

This is a very popular range! Any surface can do with this range; cement, tar, tennis courts, courtyards, stoeps, parking lots and even on a boot! We used the range for a wedding, exhibitions, festivals, corporate functions and hi profile does.

The versatility of the marquees in various spans ranging from 6m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m. All the marquees are “Clearspan” which means that there are no structural elements inside the space to hinder the functionality of the event. The ability to be erected on roof tops, courtyards, balconies and transform inside paces, tents offer new solutions and possibilities to corporations both in urban and rural settings.

Host 50 up to 1000 guests

24m Peg & Pole King Pole Marquee

The 24m range tents is ideal for presentations, sport functions, even a big wedding can be accommodate in this 7m high king pole marquee.
200 - 10 000 guests-sit down.
300 -17000 guests-cinema style.
The 24m range can be very formal if the roof and side windows are draped with a white or black lining.
Surface: grass, ground.

Peg and Pole tents are the most cost-effective of the marquee range. Due to the fact that the structure is erected on ground level and does not require scaffolding or ladders, it makes for easy erection and is used extensively in more budget conscious events, for example school grounds, rugby/soccer fields.

Events Hosted in this range:
Dr Mandela’s 90th birthday-1000 guests sit down meal with stage
Hermanus Whale festival-ex
Stellenberg high school matrix farewell.

Freeform or Bedouin Stretch Marquee Tents

Freestyle Bedouin tents can be adapted to make the most stylish and efficient use of any space. Features such as a pool or fountain can become the centerpiece of the scene bringing the outside inside. Freeform have become a preferred choice of tent, as they offer more than just cover and versatility; they are a dynamic décor tool available in almost any color with a natural affinity to lighting. This coupled with the ability to be erected almost anywhere make them a brilliant event tool used by corporate.

5 x 5m Garden Gazebo Marquees

With its sexy, funky roof and PVC windows, this range will steal your heart! From birthday parties, weddings to corporate functions. Fits nicely into most small gardens, ideal for a townhouse party. The in thing to show off!

Lighting Stock

Chandeliers with dimmers too create a romantic atmosphere.
Fairy lights are very popular and add to the theme of any party or wedding.

Par Can lights in various colors are usually used for corporate functions or festivals. String lights are a cost effect option and are used in beer festival or informal tents.

Flooring, Staging and Dancefloors

We are proud to provide quality finishes with interior styling. Dance floors and stages are designed and built by an engineer to the highest specifications.

Tables, Chairs and Linen

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